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Professional Sports Massage

Time: 1 hour

Price: $90

* After 4 sessions, price increases to $100 per session.

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Modalities & Techniques

Sports massage techniques include a blend of all the massage strokes mentioned below, but the applications are different depending on the needs of the client.

Myofascial massage: Gentle stretching of soft tissues and skin lifting, removing restrictions and increasing mobility.

Positional release: Technique used to relax tense muscles and relieves spasms. Tender points are held and the position is adjusted.all massages are client centered, with communication to address any areas of concern.

Neuromuscular therapy: Soft tissue manipulation that specializes in working to reduce chronic myofascial pain.

Efflurage: Warms the body’s tissues.

Petrissage: Strokes that involve compression, lifting, and releasing soft tissue.

Petrissage: Reduces muscle stiffness.

Compression: Can relieve cramps in muscles, release pressure and bring blood flow to the skin. Compression is a non gliding technique of pressure application.

Friction: A technique used on tendons and ligaments. It involves rubbing one body surface against another.

Tapotement: A striking motion used before athletic performance to improve reaction and agility time along with balance. Gentle tapotement is calm and relaxing.

Vibration: Shaking motion. Skin can be compressed and jostled and shook vigorously, creating a stimulating feeling.

Range of Motion: Performed to help increase mobility in joints. Stretching techniques are performed to help bring range of motion to joints as well. The stretches improve flexibility, and are performed on all joints of the body .